A New Angle On Astral Travelling

I awoke this morning at about 06.40 a.m., and on going back to sleep, I had a dream (which was the usual strange affair) which led to an out-of-body experience.  The thing about this astral journey though, is that it has made me look at things from a different angle.  Now before I go any further I just want to say that this article isn’t meant to be set in stone, it’s just my personal theory that I concluded because of the strangeness of the experience.

I’m not even going to bother trying to relate the dream because it was one of those typical dreams where nothing makes sense and you find yourself in some kind of ridiculous scenario.  But as the dream was tapering off, and just before I was aware of being out of my body, I can remember running in near darkness.  I was alone, and at regular intervals I encountered dogs.  Running towards dogs in almost total darkness didn’t seem very clever but I then became aware that, as I met the dogs head on, I could run in the air above them, thus avoiding any confrontation.  All of a sudden I was travelling at terrific speed in total darkness and I was wide awake; aware also that I was being carried.

As we slowed down and entered into daylight I could see to my left a magnificent old-looking building.  It was in the design of a castle, but it was like one of the many old buildings we have in the UK that have been made to resemble castles but have never actually been castles.  There is one in Cirencester, about 10 miles from where I live, that is an annexe of Cirencester College.  This one was made out of red stone and I noticed that it was “outside”, meaning that my companion and I had entered a building and as we were slowing down I could see this magnificent castle-like structure through the huge glass panelled windows.

The area we entered was quite busy and it looked like a cross between a hall and a large reception area.  There was what looked like the kind of reception desk you would get in a hotel, but it was large and open planned.  All around this reception-type area was the most beautiful ornamental glass.  It was the colour of highly polished rose quartz, but translucent.  I say “the colour of rose quartz”, but in reality the colour was not what you would see on the Earth plane.  There were pieces of glass of all shapes and sizes, and all were incredibly beautiful.  Next to the reception there was an area where a band was playing; they were definitely playing but I could hear no music.  The strange thing was that some of the band members looked like they could have been characters from the muppet show on TV.  They were definitely not animals, they just looked strange and reminded me of the muppets.  As we came down to land a soul crossed our path, a tall male soul with fair hair, and he just looked at us quite blankly and carried on walking.  We landed right across the other side of the hall to where we had entered and seemed to have the spot to ourselves.  As my companion put me down I turned to see that it was a male soul who (in earthly terms) looked as though he was in his 40’s, he had grey hair and was of medium build and height.  Even though I did not recognise him, I’ve done this enough times now to know that there will be some connection between us, that I will not be aware of because I only have my earthbound memory whilst in this physical body.  I thanked him and said “good to see you”.  He said to me “what do you want to do”.

As we stood interacting I noticed a long corridor going off from the opposite corner, diagonally, from where we came in.  For some reason, that remains a mystery, I answered him in a half-hearted manner; it was as if a part of me knew it wasn’t to be.

So, instead of saying to him “I want to explore, show me around, what’s down the corridor” etc. I didn’t even get my half-hearted reply out of my mouth, and I was back in my body in bed.  When I came back down to Earth and started to analyse the experience I was totally baffled; what with muppet characters and being half-hearted about wanting to explore.  So, after a great deal of thought I have come up with the following theory, which works on the principle that literally EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Firstly, and I have encountered this before but never given it much thought, why could I hear no music even though the band were clearly playing very enthusiastically?  My feelings are that because this was the astral planes, where the vibration is higher than the vibration on the Earth plane, the frequency of the music coming from the instruments must have been beyond my hearing range.  I may have been in astral form but I was still technically earthbound, and therefore I would not have been attuned to hear it.

I have felt for some time now that every astral journey I have has a specific purpose.  I also know that we exist on many levels simultaneously.  Now, we know that our thoughts create our lives, and we also know that beyond the realm of matter our thoughts materialize as our reality instantaneously.  So my theory is that even though we may be in a physical body within the Earth dimension, our thoughts and actions can have an instantaneous knock-on effect within our astral existence.  It’s obvious that we DO exist at an astral level simultaneously because our astral form is encased within our physical form.  The previous day I had been in a neighbour’s house trying to help her with a computer problem, and in the house there had been a number of glass ornaments, some of which were a similar colour to rose quartz.  One piece in particular had been quite beautiful.  I feel that my fascination with this glass created a “thought impression” that materialized within the astral world of “semi-matter”.  I honestly feel that we are not only creating our lives here, but we are also creating a kind of “personal astral world” all of our own at the same time.

I also feel that when my companion said to me “what do you want to do”, it wasn’t because he was going to show me around, it was because he DID show me around.  I really do believe that even though I came back to my body, an aspect of me remained in that place and most certainly did get the tour.  I know this all sounds crazy, but we have to remember that not only is earthly life illusory, but also astral life is illusory, because the astral planes are simply a stepping stone back to source.

I am going to finish for now because I don’t want this article to get too complicated.  But I haven’t finished.  There is the significance of the red stone building and the muppet characters to decipher yet.  God bless and stay tuned.