A New Angle On Astral Travelling

I awoke this morning at about 06.40 a.m., and on going back to sleep, I had a dream (which was the usual strange affair) which led to an out-of-body experience.  The thing about this astral journey though, is that it has made me look at things from a different angle.  Now before I go any further I just want to say that this article isn’t meant to be set in stone, it’s just my personal theory that I concluded because of the strangeness of the experience.

I’m not even going to bother trying to relate the dream because it was one of those typical dreams where nothing makes sense and you find yourself in some kind of ridiculous scenario.  But as the dream was tapering off, and just before I was aware of being out of my body, I can remember running in near darkness.  I was alone, and at regular intervals I encountered dogs.  Running towards dogs in almost total darkness didn’t seem very clever but I then became aware that, as I met the dogs head on, I could run in the air above them, thus avoiding any confrontation.  All of a sudden I was travelling at terrific speed in total darkness and I was wide awake; aware also that I was being carried.

As we slowed down and entered into daylight I could see to my left a magnificent old-looking building.  It was in the design of a castle, but it was like one of the many old buildings we have in the UK that have been made to resemble castles but have never actually been castles.  There is one in Cirencester, about 10 miles from where I live, that is an annexe of Cirencester College.  This one was made out of red stone and I noticed that it was “outside”, meaning that my companion and I had entered a building and as we were slowing down I could see this magnificent castle-like structure through the huge glass panelled windows.

The area we entered was quite busy and it looked like a cross between a hall and a large reception area.  There was what looked like the kind of reception desk you would get in a hotel, but it was large and open planned.  All around this reception-type area was the most beautiful ornamental glass.  It was the colour of highly polished rose quartz, but translucent.  I say “the colour of rose quartz”, but in reality the colour was not what you would see on the Earth plane.  There were pieces of glass of all shapes and sizes, and all were incredibly beautiful.  Next to the reception there was an area where a band was playing; they were definitely playing but I could hear no music.  The strange thing was that some of the band members looked like they could have been characters from the muppet show on TV.  They were definitely not animals, they just looked strange and reminded me of the muppets.  As we came down to land a soul crossed our path, a tall male soul with fair hair, and he just looked at us quite blankly and carried on walking.  We landed right across the other side of the hall to where we had entered and seemed to have the spot to ourselves.  As my companion put me down I turned to see that it was a male soul who (in earthly terms) looked as though he was in his 40’s, he had grey hair and was of medium build and height.  Even though I did not recognise him, I’ve done this enough times now to know that there will be some connection between us, that I will not be aware of because I only have my earthbound memory whilst in this physical body.  I thanked him and said “good to see you”.  He said to me “what do you want to do”.

As we stood interacting I noticed a long corridor going off from the opposite corner, diagonally, from where we came in.  For some reason, that remains a mystery, I answered him in a half-hearted manner; it was as if a part of me knew it wasn’t to be.

So, instead of saying to him “I want to explore, show me around, what’s down the corridor” etc. I didn’t even get my half-hearted reply out of my mouth, and I was back in my body in bed.  When I came back down to Earth and started to analyse the experience I was totally baffled; what with muppet characters and being half-hearted about wanting to explore.  So, after a great deal of thought I have come up with the following theory, which works on the principle that literally EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Firstly, and I have encountered this before but never given it much thought, why could I hear no music even though the band were clearly playing very enthusiastically?  My feelings are that because this was the astral planes, where the vibration is higher than the vibration on the Earth plane, the frequency of the music coming from the instruments must have been beyond my hearing range.  I may have been in astral form but I was still technically earthbound, and therefore I would not have been attuned to hear it.

I have felt for some time now that every astral journey I have has a specific purpose.  I also know that we exist on many levels simultaneously.  Now, we know that our thoughts create our lives, and we also know that beyond the realm of matter our thoughts materialize as our reality instantaneously.  So my theory is that even though we may be in a physical body within the Earth dimension, our thoughts and actions can have an instantaneous knock-on effect within our astral existence.  It’s obvious that we DO exist at an astral level simultaneously because our astral form is encased within our physical form.  The previous day I had been in a neighbour’s house trying to help her with a computer problem, and in the house there had been a number of glass ornaments, some of which were a similar colour to rose quartz.  One piece in particular had been quite beautiful.  I feel that my fascination with this glass created a “thought impression” that materialized within the astral world of “semi-matter”.  I honestly feel that we are not only creating our lives here, but we are also creating a kind of “personal astral world” all of our own at the same time.

I also feel that when my companion said to me “what do you want to do”, it wasn’t because he was going to show me around, it was because he DID show me around.  I really do believe that even though I came back to my body, an aspect of me remained in that place and most certainly did get the tour.  I know this all sounds crazy, but we have to remember that not only is earthly life illusory, but also astral life is illusory, because the astral planes are simply a stepping stone back to source.

I am going to finish for now because I don’t want this article to get too complicated.  But I haven’t finished.  There is the significance of the red stone building and the muppet characters to decipher yet.  God bless and stay tuned.

Sometimes God Needs Coaxing

The Omnipresent ever-loving God does actually answer every single prayer, although it may not be apparent.  Thankfully many prayers that go up are answered with a resounding “no”!  What then is a prayer?  A prayer is a series of thoughts that go out to God in the hope that some kind of result will ensue.  Some prayers take the form of a shopping list; sent up as a last resort with the emphasis on “me”.  This is generally when God pops up as a kind of afterthought when all else has failed, and these are the prayers that usually get the big “no”!

What many don’t realise is that God has to be moved (coaxed) and this happens according to the sincerity of the one engaged in prayer.  You see we forget that literally everything is God and God permeates every single cell of matter in this dimension, and indeed semi-matter and light in the dimensions beyond.  We already know that our thoughts are creative, everything is driven by thoughts,  and this is the same when it comes to prayer.  Prayer is communion with God and when we pray from the heart with deep sincerity, not giving a thought for ourselves, then the Omnipresent God is moved into action; things happen.  Insincere payers are like blind faith; completely useless.

The secret of successful prayer is to detach from the outcome.  If you think about this it’s more than logical.  When someone complains that God has not answered their prayers, it implies that they were expecting some kind of reward and therefore the prayer was not entirely selfless.  To detach is to place everything in the hands of God knowing that he will act in accordance with the Divine plan and our highest good and not necessarily in the way we expect.

Now if you’ll just excuse me I’ve got to pray for my Christmas wish list.

Let Us Fall In Love Again

Let us fall in love again
and scatter gold dust all over the world.
Let us become a new spring
and feel the breeze drift in the heavens’ scent.
Let us dress the earth in green,
and like the sap of a young tree
let the grace from within sustain us.
Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts
and let them light our path to Love.
The glance of Love is crystal clear
and we are blessed by its light.


Video Message Of The Week #6

Please visit the page VIDEO MESSAGE OF THE WEEK to view this weeks video. Thanks.

Marcus Aurelius, one of my wonderful spirit guides.

Angels Ate My Hamster

A ridiculous statement if ever there was one; everyone knows that angels are vegetarian.  But I felt prompted to write this blog post because there is so much spoken and written about angels that simply isn’t true, therefore what does it matter if I pretended I had a hamster and some nasty angels ate it?

What I’m about to write is my understanding…OK?  It may not be set in stone and I’m not saying it’s definitive; but hey, I think it makes more sense than some of the drivel I’ve heard over the years.

Firstly, we need to understand that angels are beings of light, they have been created by God of a very fine, light and high vibration.  They are super conscious beings; and the realms where they exist are beyond the comprehension of human intelligence.  Like us humans they are parts of the whole that we call God; they are particles of light in the wondrous tapestry of creation.  Now there are so many people going around these days claiming to communicate with angels, in fact I was talking to someone a few weeks back who told me they had been nominated for the title of ”angel expert”.  How on earth does someone become an expert in a subject that is beyond the scope of the human mind?

Now I am the first to admit that I wrote a trilogy called ”Angelic Wisdom”;  but I acknowledge that it wasn’t because I am some super evolved being and I was able to expand my consciousness out to the angelic realms.  Far from it; I have simply been blessed with some pretty decent angelic mates who lowered their vibration down to my level and worked with me in a very basic way so that I was able to understand.  What I would like to know is, where do these people who write all these angel books get their information from and why do a large chunk of the people who claim to communicate with angels develop huge egos and a stance that gushes ”I’ve got access to information that you haven’t therefore I’m better than you”.  OK, so let’s explode some myths.

Dark or fallen angels; do they exist?  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this one.  Of course they don’t; never have and never will.  Angels are beyond human failings; they were created in such a way that they do not experience emotions such as fear, anger, greed, jealousy, desire, resentment and anything else that you can think of that could be described as dark.  Why would beings of pure unsullied love and light, with wisdom beyond our wildest dreams and whose only desire is to serve, want anything other than that?  It simply doesn’t make sense.  Why?  Because it is nothing more than myth that’s why.  Myth that took seed thousands of years ago and, thanks to human fantasy, got developed over time.

So what about all these weird and wonderful names; and the business of wings?  OK, lets deal with the wings first.  They have wings simply because humans expect them too.  Whenever a human sees an angelic manifestation the angel always shows itself with wings.  This is simply to take into account the human belief system.  The logical mind demands tangibility; therefore the observer sees wings and thinks ”angel”.  The angels manifest in this was also to alleviate any fear that may be present in their human friend.  Think about it?  You see a little fella with horns and a tail holding a fork, you run a mile; you see a manifestaion of pure love with wings and it’s sure to have the effect of a lullaby.  So, in other words no they don’t really have wings.  As for all the names; do we really think that there is, lets say, Angel Nester, sitting at home thinking ”now I wish Raphael would hurry up and come home, his dinner’ll get ruined; I wonder what time he’ll be here”.  To simplify matters, angels are nameless and formless beings of light; they do not need the trivia of names to communicate with each other.    They simply ”know”.  Their powers of thought and telepathy are immense; and as I have stated already, all things angelic are beyond human comprehension.  It’s only because they love us so much that they go along with the charade; they do not need everything to be put into its box and have a label.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post…. now where’s my hamster?

All Religion Is Man-Made Part Two

Since publishing my post All Religion Is Man-Made, I have been asked by a dear friend who regularly attends a Christian church if I am saying to people that you do not need to belong to an organised religious group, and do not need to visit establishments such as churches.  Essentially, I am saying “yes” to that.  However, I also realise that we are all individuals on a pathway of enlightenment, and we are all at different stages of our spiritual development; so it is for this reason that I will endevour to give further clarification.

God dwells within our physical bodies, our hearts; therefore our body is a temple (church) that we should respect and look after.  If God is constantly within, above, below and around us, why do we need to travel somewhere to embrace what we already have?  But having said that, there is no right or wrong in celebrating the Divine principle, or God, in any way that feels right to us as individuals.  So, whether you attend a church, a mosque, a temple or synagogue, as long as you are able to connect with your God in that place, as long as you enjoy the experience and as long as you enjoy the fellowship of other worshippers, then continue with this practice because it is right for you; and remember, wherever you are at this very moment in time is exactly where you need to be in accordance with God’s Divine plan.

The person who asked me that question is someone who is a particualarly sweet soul who shines their light wherever they go.  I will not mention the person by name because I do not want to embarrass them, but I will say this as I know they will read this post.  They need you in your church dear soul, God has put you there because you touch the hearts of those in need.  Continue to go to your church until your inner guidance tells you it is time to seek pastures new.

Much Love and Light.

All Religion Is Man-Made

I awoke this morning to the news of the terrible atrocities carried out yesterday in Norway, and as ever when something like this happens, I had great difficulty in getting my head around it all.  I always feel a kind of surreality about occurrences such as this; as I watched from the comfort of my living room (that I often complain about as being too small) I simply couldn’t comprehend the horror experienced first hand by all those concerned.  These awful deeds were apparently perpetrated by a Christian fundamentalist; which probably raised a few eyebrows, for in the West, with our tunnel vision and selective eyesight and hearing, we nearly always expect such perpetrators to be so-called Muslim fundamentalists.  But why should anyone be surprised that this atrocity was carried out by a right-wing Christian activist?  All this man did was confirm what has been known for a long time by all those who walk a pathway of light; that is, that ALL religion as we know it is man-made and has no place in modern-day spirituality.  For thousands of years humans have taken the names of various religions, that the early pioneers sweated blood to found, and have simply put their own stamp on them for the sake of their own egos and greed.

Not so long ago I was listening to a programme on the radio, it was one of those programmes where they invite a panel on to take part in a discussion.  Basically, one of the panel was a lady who was quite high up in the Christian church here in the UK and she was accusing Islam of being a political organisation; this it seemed was the crux of the discussion.  It was probably the only time I have been tempted to call into one of these phone-in type shows.  The lady in question came across as being nothing more than a racist bigot, and she was certainly not representative of me or any of my spiritual views.  Another panel member was a very polite and humble Muslim man from the North West of England who conducted himself with great humility.  It was suggested to him that his religion was a political organisation with a sinister hidden agenda.  I had to laugh, because you can’t get more political than Christianity; just ask any woman who has ever applied to become a priest.

But the purpose of this article is not to have a go at Christians per say; the purpose is actually two-fold.  Firstly, it serves as a reminder to the Western world that there are two sides to every coin.  It has almost become fashionable to assume that all Muslims are terrorists, when we forget that, apart from the man who carried out the slaughter in Norway, there are also organisations such as the Ku-Klux-Klan for example, who profess to be Christians and have been carrying out acts of atrocity for years.  Secondly, it also serves as a reminder to us all, regardless of which side of the fence we come from, of who we are NOT.

The true nature of human beings is that of love; but in this world of paradox it stands to reason that we will experience the opposite of who we are.  By experiencing who we are not we are able to know who we are and realise our true identity.  From time to time during human incarnation we most certainly will encounter that which makes us think and that which makes us feel uncomfortable; and it is in such moments that we are experiencing who we are not.  Anyway, back to religion.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which ”club” we join and which label we choose to stick on ourselves; we are all inter-connected.  I’ve said it before many times, and I’ll say it again, the beauty of the human race is its unity in diversity.  On the surface we are all different colours, races and creeds…. and yes… religions.  We are all different shapes and sizes, but underneath we are all Divine spirit.  That is the pure, unsullied beauty of it all; no matter what anyone does to try to separate themselves from the caste of humanity, any such separation will only ever be a figment of the imagination.  I’m going to finish by reproducing a section of a discourse by Sri Sathya Sai Baba that I’ve taken from the February 2002 edition of the ashram magazine Sanathana Sarathi.


Religion today has been rendered meaningless and valueless by all kinds of misinterpretations given by sectarian and perverse exponents.  The basic meaning of religion is to lead man to his source.  The word “religion” consists of two parts: “re” meaning “again” and ”ligio” meaning ”to come together”.  That is to say, ”reuniting with God is religion”.  People consider religion as a bundle of do’s and dont’s to be followed strictly.  This is totally wrong.  The sacred aim of religion is to remind man of his Divine origin and help him to reunite with God.

~ Baba

A Day Like No Other

This is a day that is like no other. This is a moment in which you can make great things happen.

This is a world full of challenge and opportunity. This is a life that’s overflowing with possibilities.

This is your chance to make a real, positive difference. This is the time that is yours to fully live.

This is reality, and it is filled with promise. This is when you can begin to make your most treasured dreams real.

This is the place where your choices have brought you. This is your first step toward the best you can imagine.

This moment, this world, this life that you’re in can be whatever you decide to make of it. This is your reminder to make it great.

— Ralph Marston