Living The Dream – Slight Return

Well, lovely people, the plot thickens.  You may remember that in my last blog post I said that since sharing in my book, Eyesight To The Blind, that my out-of-body experiences were virtually a thing of the past, that I then embarked on a flurry of astral adventures, only for them to dry up again.  Well, I eventually had another one that is actually worth writing about, because it seems to be a new experience.  I say, “seems”, because I don’t remember having had this experience before.

During the early hours of Christmas morning I felt the all-too-familiar feeling of being out-of-body as another soul carried me off on a journey to who knows where.  This was actually a very short event, but like some of my other very short out-of-body experiences, it held some significance.  I decided to keep my eyes closed as I travelled, and after a brief journey felt myself come to a halt.  Now here’s the significance.  I had a sense of oneness, but not with what I like to call, “the inner wilderness of silence”; the “peace that passes all understanding”, which is our true nature, our very essence.  No, it was a sense of oneness with the astral world.  I was completely without form and one with the astral energy in which I was enfolded; incidentally, it was pale blue in colour but a pale blue that was not of this earth.  It is extremely difficult to describe the experience accurately, but I’m doing my best.  In that Nano-moment, nothing existed except that pale blueness, of which I was a part.  The energy had quite a hard power to it that was in no way subtle.

In no time at all, that experience was over but I was still out-of-body.  I then noticed that I had a lovely female spirit for a companion.  We were side-on to each other and she had her arm around me; she then kissed me on the cheek, which was a lovely feeling.  Then as quick as a flash I was back in my body and laying in my bed.  The whole experience seemed to take nothing more than a matter of seconds.  It was around 04:20 in the morning.

It just goes to show that you can never predict these out-of-body shenanigans…


Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s Zen-perman!

Yes, it most certainly is! Not only is Zenperman able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, but he also wears his underpants outside his trousers.  I had a situation recently that had me scurrying for the nearest telephone box in order to change into my secret identity; the aforementioned super-hero, Zenperman.  I’m sharing it here because I know it’s a situation that so many of you will be able to relate to.  I was left angry, violated, indignant, frustrated; in fact, so miffed was I that my dainty little fingers were on the verge of writing a “stiff letter” to The Times and signing it, “Mr Angry, Tetbury”.  But thankfully, Zenperman came to the rescue and I’m about to tell you how…

It all started when my energy provider, Bristol Energy (BE), hiked their prices for the second time in 12 months.  Now, before I go any further, I should mention for the benefit of overseas readers, that here in the UK we have been able to switch between energy providers for some years now.  So, if we think that we are getting a rough deal, we simply switch to another company (subject to the terms and conditions that we signed up for).  You also may be wondering, given the usual subject matter of my posts, why I’m sharing this?  The thing is, we are all human (sort of), especially when we are experiencing the physical existence, and sometimes our human weaknesses take over and cause us all sorts of problems.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to share a bit of my own humanness with you, whilst introducing you to Zenperman at the same time.  The full boring details are as follows…

I get a letter from BE informing me of the price hike.  “What”?  I say to myself, in the most indignant manner I can muster.  The upshot is, that over the next few days, I work out my annual usage and compare prices with other energy providers.  Realising that I can get a better deal with a particular company, I instigate the switching process, which normally takes a few weeks to go through.

I’m aware that you might fall asleep before I get to the point, but it’s important that you have all the fine details so that you fully understand what was going on.  So, hang in there; your country needs you!

In due course, I get an email from my new provider asking me to supply meter readings (which I do), I also get an email from BE asking me to keep my Direct Debit open so they can transfer any credit into my bank account once my final bill is produced.  Then I get another email from BE asking me to provide meter readings.  By this time my switch date (22 October 2018) has passed, so even though I’m no longer a customer of BE, I supply two more readings, because you can never have too many meter readings…

I then receive another email from BE informing me that my latest statement is ready to view online.  I check, and to my delight, I notice that my account is in credit by just over £40.00.  I also notice that my electricity reading has not been entered as a final reading, but at this stage no rats could be smelled!  On 1 November I check my bank account online, and to my utter disgust, not only have BE not issued my refund, but they have taken another Direct Debit payment from my account.  In a very rational and reasonable way I proceeded to contact BE customer services, and in synonymy with my Britishness, I kept the most impeccable “stiff upper lip” as I enquired what the *@#? was going on.  I was informed by a customer service rep that they had not yet received my final electricity reading from my new supplier.  I pointed out that this wasn’t true, as not only had they sent it, but BE had entered it onto my account to produce my latest statement. The young girl I was talking to informed me that the reading was from an “unverified source” so it could not yet be considered as a final reading.  I was also informed that it can take up to six weeks for BE to produce a final bill and then any refund can take up to 10 working days to be processed.  With regard to the extra payment being taken, even though I was no longer their customer, she informed that, “the payment must have already been requested prior to my switch date, and because the Direct Debit was still open, the payment was duly processed.  I was not happy; and I’m not making reference to one of the seven dwarfs!

Back in the days when it was just the good old (or bad old) Electricity Board and Gas Board, you had only one supplier of each utility.  But what you also had was local branches, so if you had a beef, you could go somewhere local in person, and sort it out.  These days you have the advantage of multiple choice, but if something goes wrong, you have to do battle with people who hide behind the safety of a computer screen and who are also miles away.  Enter Zenperman…

Thanks to how I’ve evolved over the years; and been “found” by Zen, I now understand that getting angry achieves nothing.  I also understand the truth in statements such as, “energy flows where attention goes”, and “what you resist will persist”.  But my ego had all its lights flashing and all its bells and whistles going flat-out.  It was the sheer indignation of being bullied by a corporation who were completely, totally and utterly in the wrong and not being able to do anything about it.  Thanks to Zenperman I was able to tell myself that the best course of action would be no action, that “this too will pass”.  However…

I found BE’s twitter account and made my feelings felt.  I messaged them demanding, yes demanding, that they sort it out!  I also went onto Trustpilot and wrote a scathing one-star review, which I shared on my twitter feed.  Zenperman had his work cut out because Mr Angry was a stubborn old geezer and wasn’t going to go into transcendental meditation without a fight!  But Zenperman persisted…

I received a reply from BE on twitter, simply reiterating what their customer service rep had told me.  So I sent another message, “how dare you”?  “I want my money”; “I’m British”!!!!!!  The annoying thing also, was that BE were telling me that my reading was from an unverified source, but it was the same source from which they’d received ALL of my meter readings (i.e. me) ever since I first switched to them.  Now all of a sudden the source is unverified.  They also said that the reads sent to them by my new supplier, which they entered onto my energy account, were entered by me at 18:01 in the evening on 18/10/18; which was an absolute load of rubbish.  I felt truly violated and further frustrated because I wanted to complain to the energy regulator, but the regulator can only get involved in disputes if they have been ongoing for at least eight weeks.  So, I decided to listen to Zenperman and just let things happen naturally.

Every now and then I would wake up in the morning and my ego would start playing the story out in my head.  “Don’t you realise what they have done to you?  Thanks to them taking an extra payment from you, your account is now in credit by over £70.00.  That’s YOUR money and they are taking liberties with you; SIX WEEKS to issue a final bill”!  Thankfully, Zenperman would step in and calm things down.

But over seven weeks passed and still there was no sign of my final bill and refund.  I decided enough was enough.  I would contact BE one last time via social media requesting my bill.  If it was not forthcoming I would be getting in touch with the regulator.  To my surprise, I received a reply the next day apologising for the delay and within 24 hours my final bill was issued.  It still wasn’t perfect, and I’m not going to offer any more fine detail as I think you may have had enough, but it had always been my intention to write a follow-up, scathing one-star review on Trustpilot and also to contact the regulator anyway, as I felt that BE surely had service standards and targets that would have fallen short in this case, entitling me to compensation.  But doing that would only have prolonged the agony of an already tired situation.  The refund hit my bank account on Christmas Eve, and I decided that I was just going to let the whole thing go and move on.

Yes, BE were in the wrong.  Yes, utility companies have been getting away with bullying their customers for far too long.  But there is always a bigger picture; a grander scheme.  I am not a refugee in a flimsy, overcrowded boat in the middle of the sea that is in danger of capsizing.  I’m just a geezer who experienced a bit of inconvenience, and thanks to Zenperman I’m able to see the situation as such.

Thanks again Zenperman; it’s because of you that the city can sleep safely tonight!


Living The Dream

Life’s irony never fails to amaze me and make me chuckle.  Having previously blogged about my too-numerous-to-accurately-count astral adventures; and also having mentioned them in my books on many occasions, I stated in my latest offering, Eyesight To The Blind, that such occurrences were now extremely rare and apparently confined to the past.  But within what seemed like only weeks of the book being published they started up again.

I had a spate of out-of-body experiences over a period of a few months; a couple of which were very detailed indeed.  I didn’t blog about them because unless something really spectacular happens, I no longer deem the phenomenon worthy of keyboard tapping.  However, I was nonetheless lulled into thinking that I was about to embark on a new life adventure that would induce many happy hours of the aforementioned keyboard tapping.  Then it happened… Nothing!  Yes, since October 9 I have been left drumming my fingers impatiently, waiting for the next instalment; you really couldn’t make it up.

But I didn’t call this post “Living The Dream” for nothing.  I of course, can’t prove what I am about to share with you, but it is a theory of mine nonetheless; and a theory based on my actual experience.  Some of the “happenings” in my out-of-body adventures were so absolutely crazy, that they reminded me of the equally crazy dreams we all have, where the most ridiculous things occur.  It has crossed my mind that, for whatever reason, a power that I cannot comprehend is allowing me to physically experience my dreams whilst in astral form.  Yes I know, that sentence is full of contradictions.  How can I experience dream-state as a physical phenomenon in astral form; it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t know how else to explain it.  I was definitely wide-awake and I was definitely out of my body; I know because I experienced leaving my body and returning to it.  It just doesn’t explain the dream-like craziness though.  Maybe I will find out in another instalment?  Who knows?

A Life Lived

It has occurred to me that we humans are a very strange species indeed; as if we didn’t already know that. We are very quick to judge and be suspicious of people who have lived a bit, and maybe committed what society deems to be “crimes”.  But, it has been said many times before; the world is paradoxical and we also have a thing called relativity.  We only know things that we judge to be “good”, because we have also judged other things as being “bad”.  This is the nature of relativity and judgement.

Hypothetically, if you lived on a council estate in South London and you had a couple of kids in their early teens, who would you want guiding them at the local youth club?  Would you want someone who can describe what a cream tea tastes like and who may be able to describe what the inside of a church looks like?  Or, would you want someone who has been down the rocky road of life, experienced dark times; maybe even gotten on the wrong side of the law, but who has come out the other side?  Someone who can apply their life experience to the lives of others and help them in the process.  Someone who recognises that look on the face of a youngster that says, “help me”.

The thing with life is that it is meant to be the way it is; our world couldn’t function any other way.  The Divine play of life is a complete process; we cannot filter out the things we judge to be bad or wrong.  All is experience and all experience has relevance regardless of the way things may seem to be on the surface.

In the above-mentioned hypothetical situation, I know who I would want guiding my kids; but then again, that’s just my judgement.


What’s the difference between a lunatic playing the piano and a concert pianist playing the piano? After all, they are both playing the same notes. The difference is the same as between Zen and organised religion. Like the concert pianist, the Zen person is in flow; everything is in order; there is acceptance of “what is”.  When a madman plays the piano, the notes may be the same, but they are bashed out at random; he is just playing fragments.  This is the same with organised religion; it is a fragmented series of stories that are someone else’s experience.  These stories have been packaged and pedaled to the masses in the hope that the masses will believe blindly.

To practise organised religion, you need the three Ds; doctrine, dogma and deity. All are creations of the mind and are therefore of the ego. The only purpose they serve is to keep the individual in ignorance. The religious person is constantly seeking the unseekable; something that is in the future, whereas the Zen person knows there is nothing to seek. The Zen person knows that spiritual awakening is the understanding that you are already awake.

Listen to the music of silence, it will tell you everything you need to know.

Blasphemy Anyone?

Fancy a bit of blasphemy?  Well, you’re out of luck because it doesn’t exist.

Oh, go on then, it does… but only in people’s heads.  How can you insult a deity that is apparently above and beyond anything we can imagine?  Being “insulted” is something that us humans feel because of the presence of our egos.  It’s the relative opposite of feeling smug due to being praised.  In fact, there isn’t even a deity to blaspheme against.  There is however, Infinite Consciousness; which transcends the human condition, is therefore without ego and cannot be disrespected.  Even if we try we cannot insult consciousness.

The only deity that’s of any relevance is the one you can see when you look in the mirror.  Don’t be fooled by religious dogma!

Here’s a picture of a rainbow for you; completely random!  Wishing you sunshine and happiness!

A Rainbow in the Cairngorms.



Out Of My Mind

Confused?  You will be…

Wow!  What a statement, “out of my mind”.  There was a time when that was all I wanted to be; but it usually involved engaging the help of some really good drugs or a rather cheeky red.  These days being out of my mind has a whole new meaning.  I’ll rewind a bit first.

I remember when my true self was in the early stages of emerging.  I was quite involved with Spiritualism, and meditations were wonderous experiences with crystals, colours, angels, animals and spirit guides etc.  I remember thinking that I had really arrived somewhere; not realising that the experiences I was having, although very pleasant, were of the mind.  The universe soon blew away any delusions of grandeur that I had about having “arrived”.  I believe it’s fashionable to refer to these kind of meditations as “visualisations” these days.

It was some years before I was to learn the true meaning of being out of my mind.  But eventually, Zen found me, introduced me to a state of “no-mind”, and took me in a whole new direction.  These days I very rarely meditate in the traditional sense, but quite often experience myself being nothing more than an observer as the shenanigans of life play out before my eyes.

However, I also find myself as confused as ever, as the universe (or whatever you want to call it) constantly highlights all the things that are still holding me back.  I am incessantly reminded of all my personal prejudices (as much as I try to deny them); they are constantly there, glaring at me, almost tormenting me and daring me to give them up.  They say that awareness, where there once wasn’t any, is half the battle.  But the universe is truly relentless in its efforts to completely send me out of my mind.

I hope this post finds you… out of YOUR mind.