I’ve been writing this blog for over nine years now, and I’ve never before left it so long in between posts.  I’ve chosen not to write about the current situation because I feel that there are already plenty of pundits out there offering an opinion.

What I will say, however, and I’m sure there are many experiencing a similar thing, is that we do seem to be going through some kind of transition.  The truth is, that the reason there have been no posts from me lately, is that I simply don’t know what to write about at the moment.  There has definitely been a shift of some sort; and who I was as a writer doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  I have taken my only two remaining books out of circulation, so for the first time since I started publishing my own books, I have nothing available for purchase.

We know that life is cyclic, so I suppose it’s true to say that I’m waiting for the next upsurge in inspiration.  I wouldn’t call this writer’s block, as I don’t think that’s something that applies to writers such as myself.  Also, I cannot say what form the next wave of my writing journey will take.  One thing that I am sure of though, is that I will always be writing in one way, shape or form; even if there will on occasion be a longer gap than usual between projects.

Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you are all staying safe.  Below are pics of my latest painting and my musical “family.”  Take care lovely subscribers and I’ll be in touch again soon!



403783_4140469751394_199651983_nI don’t normally have a problem with death; due to my own actual experiences, which have shown me that this earthly life is just a tiny atom in the infinite ocean of creation and that it really is impossible to die. However, I had an experience of death recently, which although it wasn’t a problem as such, really touched me to the depths of my soul.

In my day job I work in a hospice that provides day services to mainly terminally ill people. It’s probably fair to say that around 95% of the people I’ve come into contact with since I’ve been associated with the job have already left their bodies, or will be leaving their bodies in the near future. I’m not affected by this at all; I’m just glad to be able to offer some kind of help in my own humble way. But recently I found that a particular patient’s transition did touch me; and even almost brought a tear to my eye. I felt it would be appropriate to share my theory as to why this happened.

Quite often, as you would imagine, terminally ill people are full of anxiety and anguish and it is very hard to make a connection with them. This particular man was no different; conversation was quite difficult and I detected a strong feeling of emptiness within him. It is not appropriate for me to share any more detail about the man with my readers, but suffice it to say, when I heard that he’d left this earth I felt a sadness that I’d not felt before with any other patient. It was quite strange considering that there had been no bond between us.

The reason for my emotional reaction to the news, I believe, is because I saw myself in him. He reminded me of the figure of despair I once was and he also seemed to be a mirror image of what I would have become had I not turned my life around. Even though there were no real similarities between us, he cut a very lonely figure. He did have family, but they were based in another town and he lived alone with his horrendous illness. I’m just glad for him that when he made the transition he was comfortable in hospital and his family were at his bedside.

It really was quite a strange feeling and it did not remain with me long, but it seemed that in that moment, an aspect of me contained within the infinite ocean of bliss that is our true nature, reached out to me at a soul level and said “share this”.