Karma Simplified – Part Two

Here is a slight elaboration on my previous video, Karma Simplified. I hope you enjoy Karma Simplified Part Two. It’s also from 2014.

Karma Simplified

I thought this short video from 2014 would be worth a reblog. It can be described as an “Idiot’s Guide” to karma.

Six Part Video Project – Just Breathe Part Six


The final video in the series to summarize what we have done so far and put the finishing touches to the process.


Six Part Video Project – Just Breathe Part Five


In #5 of the “Just Breathe” series we are looking at the “So Ham” breath. Watch out for the 6th and final video in this project next week.

heal the world2


Six Part Video Project – Just Breathe Part Four


Introducing the “God Breath”. The third breathing technique of four as we prepare for meditation. Watch out for the fourth and final technique of the series; coming soon.