Spirituality vs Religion


Whilst it is perfectly feasible that a religious person is able to display certain spiritual characteristics, and would also undertake some kind of spiritual practice, one who is spiritually awake has no need for a fear-based belief system. Hence, for the one who has awakened no religion is necessary.

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The Amazing Journey – Special Promotion

I’m pleased to announce that from 08:00 am on Monday 16 March to 08:00 am on Monday 23 March the kindle version of my book, The Amazing Journey, will be available for the special promotional price of £0.99 in the UK and $0.99 in the US. Below is the synopsis, a couple of extracts and the links to buy in amazon UK and US. Watch this space for more promotions soon.

Previously published as Astral Travelling, The Avatar And Me

TAJ-Final Version-EBIn 2000 my life hit rock bottom. Emotionally I was totally spent and did not see any way out of the mire that I found myself in. This book tells the story of how (with a little help) I managed to turn my life around. Miraculously at the onset of the new millennium I started to embark on a series of truly amazing out-of-body adventures, and as the years have gone by, I have learned to pass through solid objects, propel myself in whatever direction I wish to travel, and unbelievably, “will” myself back into my body when I become bored with the journey. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, I have also been blessed by the Avatar of the age himself, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who first entered my life in 2001. Since then I have had a series of truly wonderous experiences with Baba, the highlights of which were being held in his arms during an out-of-body experience in 2006 and seeing him in physical form at his ashram, Prasanthi Nilayam (abode of the highest peace) in Puttaparthi, Southern India in October 2009.

I was extremely tired and decided to have a lay down in the afternoon. I drifted off into a dream world and felt a very strong presence around me.  I felt myself being lifted from my body and then I was moving at a great speed.  My third eye became animated and I could see pictures of people and events flashing through my mind, although I couldn’t recount anything specific.  I then realised that I wasn’t being taken anywhere in particular.  Instead my companion appeared to be giving me some kind of spiritual healing.  We were still moving but I could feel the soul’s hands on me and the terrific energy coming from them.  This was once again something new and extremely unique for me to experience.  The energy was nothing like I’d ever experienced before.  I then felt myself returning to my body and when I opened my eyes it was 2:05 p.m.

At some stage, I really can’t remember when, I’d started having strange experiences during the night.  I either dismissed these experiences as dreams or tried to convince myself that they simply hadn’t happened.  One of the earliest that remains really vivid to this day was when I found myself travelling through the air at a terrific speed.  It was quite dark and I found myself heading towards trees.  It was a very hairy experience.  I braced myself waiting for the impact, convinced I was going to get impaled on the branches.  I was amazed when I realised I was simply flying through them as though they were not there.

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403783_4140469751394_199651983_nI don’t normally have a problem with death; due to my own actual experiences, which have shown me that this earthly life is just a tiny atom in the infinite ocean of creation and that it really is impossible to die. However, I had an experience of death recently, which although it wasn’t a problem as such, really touched me to the depths of my soul.

In my day job I work in a hospice that provides day services to mainly terminally ill people. It’s probably fair to say that around 95% of the people I’ve come into contact with since I’ve been associated with the job have already left their bodies, or will be leaving their bodies in the near future. I’m not affected by this at all; I’m just glad to be able to offer some kind of help in my own humble way. But recently I found that a particular patient’s transition did touch me; and even almost brought a tear to my eye. I felt it would be appropriate to share my theory as to why this happened.

Quite often, as you would imagine, terminally ill people are full of anxiety and anguish and it is very hard to make a connection with them. This particular man was no different; conversation was quite difficult and I detected a strong feeling of emptiness within him. It is not appropriate for me to share any more detail about the man with my readers, but suffice it to say, when I heard that he’d left this earth I felt a sadness that I’d not felt before with any other patient. It was quite strange considering that there had been no bond between us.

The reason for my emotional reaction to the news, I believe, is because I saw myself in him. He reminded me of the figure of despair I once was and he also seemed to be a mirror image of what I would have become had I not turned my life around. Even though there were no real similarities between us, he cut a very lonely figure. He did have family, but they were based in another town and he lived alone with his horrendous illness. I’m just glad for him that when he made the transition he was comfortable in hospital and his family were at his bedside.

It really was quite a strange feeling and it did not remain with me long, but it seemed that in that moment, an aspect of me contained within the infinite ocean of bliss that is our true nature, reached out to me at a soul level and said “share this”.

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