Healing Is

Healing is…

….releasing from the past. It is retraining my mind so as not to see the shadow of the past on anyone. It is learning not to make interpretations of people’s behaviour or motives. It is letting go the desire to want to change another person. It is letting go of expectations, assumptions, and the desire to control or manipulate another person…

Healing knows that forgiveness is the key to happiness and offers me everything that I want. Healing knows that the only reality in the universe is love, and that love is the most important healer known to the world.

To heal is to trust in a creative force that is loving and forgiving, and to know in our hearts that there is no separation and we are all joined in love with God and each other. It means that all hearts and minds are joined as one…

Healing is letting go of the fearful child so many of us carry inside, and awakening to the innocent child who has always been within us.

Healing is…

….peeling away the barriers of fear that keep us unaware of our true nature of love, peace, and rich interconnection with the web of life.¬† Healing is the rediscovery of who we have always been.

Gerald Jampolsky.

1 thought on “Healing Is

  1. i do not judge people , i always forgive the pain people who have caused me pain, i have been hurt a good deal in life , i make people laugh i listened to what they say i give help to people in need and ask for nothing in return but still there is something missing in me i can not find that happiness i so crave xx


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