On Your Own Side

It’s impossible to make much progress if you’re busy clinging to the very things that hold you back. At some point you must decide whether you want to truly move forward or not.

When you constantly have to work against your own negative habits and thought patterns, success will continue to elude you. Real achievement begins the moment you make the firm commitment to put yourself on your own side.

You think thousands of thoughts and take hundreds of actions on a daily basis. Within those thoughts and actions there is enormous opportunity to make real, substantial progress.

How much of that abundance of opportunity are you utilizing to move your life forward? And how much is being wasted, or even worse, pushing you backwards?

When you replace a negative, destructive habit with a creative, productive one, you get a double gain. You are suddenly free from something that was holding you back, and on top of that there is a new force working to move you forward.

Use your thoughts, use your words, and use the actions you take each day to put yourself squarely on your own side. And you’ll be well on the way toward whatever you choose to achieve.

Ralph Marston

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