The Smallest Changes

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Because the smallest changes are the ones you can repeat over and over again.

The once-in-a-lifetime events are indeed impressive, and they certainly command your attention. Yet the routine, once-a-day actions can have a far greater impact because they are done again and again.

Every few seconds, for example, you take a breath of air, and rarely do you ever even think about doing it. Yet this small, regularly repeated action literally sustains your life and makes all your other activities possible.

When you want to make it big, think small. Find the small, easily accomplished actions that will steadily take you to your most ambitious goals.

The biggest problems will almost always yield to the smallest changes. Because the smallest changes can be overwhelmingly relentless, like tiny drops of rain wearing away the most massive boulder.

When you seek a big result, start with the small changes. They are the ones that will most reliably get you there.

Ralph Marston

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