Reunited With You

Do not ever believe that I am dead and gone
I want you to know that in spirit I live on
Never weep when you gaze at that one empty chair
Don’t you know that quite often I come and sit there
I still know when you’re low, when you’ve had a bad day
For I’m only a whisper or a heartbeat away
I still walk where you walk, I still hold your hand
My footsteps aren’t there when you walk through the sand
But my voice can be heard in the sound of the sea
Or in a little child’s laughter when bounced on your knee
You will hear me when the cool breeze rushes through the flowers
Or in the tree tops that bend with the first evening showers
I will whisper to you in the still of night
If you could but see me you would know I’m alright
Search well with your eyes.  You will glimpse me one day
As I stand there and watch little children at play
I’m the light in the window.  I’m the snowflake that falls
A shadow lit by moonlight or the night bird that calls
My spirit lives on though my earth time is done
I’m still part of the earth, I am lit by the sun
Smile for me please.  I don’t want you to grieve
I’m well and I’m strong, I didn’t really leave
When your time comes to go the last thing you’ll see
Is my smile as I whisper “you’re coming to me”
For death is not final.  As you close your eyes
There’s a light that’s far brighter than blue summer skies
I will lead you towards it.  All loved ones are there
Happy and strong – free of all earthly care
I’ll be patiently waiting for you to pass through
For death simply means “reunited with you”

6 thoughts on “Reunited With You

    • Glad the poem touched you Kim. I can’t remember the author’s name, but it is quite an old one. I have another poem which is quite similar, though not so long, because of the response to this I will post the other one too. Thanks for your comments.


    • Thank you for your comments Valerie. I’m so glad the poem touched you. It’s quite an old one and I can’t remember the name of the author. Because this has been popular I will be posting something similar later. Please feel free to subscribe, I quite often post spiritual and inspiration articles, quotes and poems on here. Thanks for taking the time to comment,


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