Science Without Humanity Is Dangerous

Man is ill; but he is resorting to remedies that cannot cure.  People admire the phenominal advance of science, but the advance has been from fear to greater fear, from destruction to more destruction.  In prehistoric times men killed each other using bows and arrows; now they kill entire populations with the help of atom bombs; this is praised as remarkable advance.

The scientist cannot stop the rise of greed and hate in the human heart; he can only forge the weapons they require and improve their lethal efficiency.  Man lives in daily dread of extinction as a result of the discoveries of science; for any moment the storm of hate may rain bombs on their homes.  Science has deprived man of self-confidence.  He is not sure of even himself.  He is afraid of himself for , at the slightest provacation, he is transformed into a wild and vicious beast.


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