Life – The Illusion

Life, and creation in general is a pretty amazing thing.  How many of us remember to acknowledge that whatever we are gazing upon is never as it actually seems within this world of matter.  I for one am constantly forgetting, and allowing my mind to trick me into believing that what I can see is actually what’s real and happening.  In truth our planet is an absolutely amazing place; a living breathing entity in a constant state of flux.  Nothing is ever actually as it seems, and even the underlying reality is constantly in motion; indeed, this is why we do not stay “young and beautiful” (in the earthly sense), because our physical bodies, being comprised of particles of matter, are on their own private journey which will eventually see them existing in a different form.

We speak of the emptiness of space; but what we actually have is particles of emptiness, from which all forms emerge, and it is back into the emptiness where all forms must eventually re-merge.  Imagine this then, we talk about “over here” and “over there” with the bit in between being space.  But the space must consist of something because if “that which is neither here nor there” did not exist, then we would not have over here and over there.  Let us elaborate more on this illusion.  Is it not incredible that none of us have ever actually seen a tree?  We have never seen ourselves, our parents, our cars, our houses; in fact you cannot actually see the computer screen in front of you now.  All that any of us has ever seen here within this earthly life is LIGHT and nothing else.  It’s truly amazing that particles of light bounce off objects and send information to our brains via our eyes.  The images that we think we are looking at exist within our brains and no where else.

There is also no such thing as a solid object.  If you were to take a piece of hard metal, for example, such as Tungsten or Iron and place it under an electron microscope, what you would see would not be a solid object.  You would see particles, in perfect symmetry, separated by air molecules and in constant motion; the only reason objects seem solid, or otherwise, is because everything within this dimension has a frequency of vibration.  It is therefore the vibratory frequency of an object that is responsible for its density and apparent solidity.

Now we come to the physical body itself.  How many of us realise that its not only our Divine essence that is eternal, but also our physical bodies do not die either.  Although the physical form reverts back to inanimate matter when the spirit leaves, it doesn’t simply “die”; it actually changes form and continues to exist.  Like everything else our bodies are comprised of matter particles; matter being a concentrated form of energy.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it is eternal and exists in its own right.  So, when the spirit leaves and a body is buried, it simply decomposes over time, merges with Mother Earth and continues to exist.  When a body is cremated, the cremation process causes the body to evolve into heat energy, which in turn is absorbed back into the total energy mass.

Yes, this life is absolutely incredible; the trouble is that we have a habit of going around with blinkers on most of the time and miss all the wonder.  But to finish on a positive note.  I know that I am very fortunate to have been able to incarnate into flesh at this very special time and the purpose of my journey is to remove my blinkers and achieve enlightenment; so it’s a case of “job in progress”.

6 thoughts on “Life – The Illusion

  1. Very interesting blog. I’ve been intrigued with this way of thinking for a while now, so it’s nice to see someone else put it in better words than I perhaps could have. However pessimism and this way of thinking (in other words me a few years back) aren’t ever a good thing. I kind of started acting like I could do whatever I want since in the end none of it really mattered; i was just part of this worlds illusion. But then I watched a spiritual documentary that just recently came out called Discover The Gift. My school of thought is very much the same but i have a much more optimistic outlook towards these beliefs. Instead of being a cynic that used my beliefs to a selfish advantage in social circumstances (basically never having remorse over faulty actions), I began to be the happiest optimist there could be. I realized that although what we may see may be an illusion, the vibrations we feel, the ones we receive and send, are very much real. And in the end, these are what count. These vibes are what people remember you by. They are the part of you that you expose to others and back around to the world. This movie really changed me and I couldn’t be happier that it did, because at points my way of thinking just got to be a little too much. Anyways sorry to rant, just wanted to let you know I have a similar way of thinking now 🙂


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